About Me

Artist Statement

 Growing up, I always felt at home, sitting in the forest and listening to the birds chirping. I also loved to travel and explore new lands. Ever since I was a kid, I have always connected well with animals and been fascinated with what Canada was like before and during the British colonization, specifically how much wildlife and untouched land there was compared to now. I feel like we are getting closer and closer to a world without wildlife every day. I see photography as history. A good portion of what we know about and how we see historical times comes from photos. A photograph that was originally just taken as a memory for someone, is historical evidence for us. For me, nature photography is a way to capture the natural beauty of our surroundings and share my connection with the animals and view of the world. My intent is to document both the good and the bad of the natural world, through landscapes and wildlife portraits to keep as memories and history, for myself and motivate others to help conserve our planet before it's too late.


Colt Cain is a nature photographer who specializes in wildlife portraits. He is from Ajax, Ontario and currently works out of the GTA. Through his work, he aims to capture and preserve the beauty of nature and promote the importance of wildlife conservation. Colt studied photography at Durham College where he had his work displayed throughout the campus and on the Durham College Photography Instagram page. Currently, he is working towards his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at Ontario College of Arts & Design University. "I have always had a deep connection with animals and nature which continues to inspire and motivate me as an artist." Colt found his love of wildlife and photography through spending most of his childhood in nature. Being part of Scouts Canada and going on plenty of camping trips allowed him to develop skills necessary for interacting with wildlife and wildlife photography. 

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